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Image by Hu Chen

Born in the outskirts of a small village in the South-Easterly town of Gutu in Masvingo - a stone throw away from the Ancient Stone Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe is where the story began. 


Started by brothers Simba and Munya who travelled and found themselves at university in England and needing clothes thats reflected thier background, tastes and that  African flavour but struggled to find them.

It was during the African Cup of Nations that the brothers decided to do something about it and made a batch of 20 t-shirts for the Nigeria and Ghana teams which sold out. 


What followed from that faithful day was the start of a brand that encapsulated all that is brilliant and truly loveable about Africa. Clothing became the medium of choice to communicate this feeling we have. Named after the town (Gutu) and the brothers surname (Tich) the brand was born.


African Masai in Traditional Dress
Gutu Tich Red logo white text.png
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