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GT apparel plays Major League!

And were not talking about baseball, the Bare GOOD and Striped Africa were put to the test this season in the cold nights of London, as they kept Major League warm and vibed up for Season 3| Episode 7 of the balcony mix!

The duo chose Gutu Tich apparel to style up and stay warm over the seas, with a playful and posh look with the 3D Bare GOOD, and a taste of heritage with the Striped Africa hoodie, check out the sesh on YouTube:

The night went perfectly, as the music and ambiance was perfectly complemented by the nostalgic essence of the Striped Africa hoodie.

We can't help but keep noticing the Bare GOOD though, as it added the perfect playful texture with a bright and contrasting orange highlight that put the nail on the head for his puffer jacket. Well he can rest assured keep his best dressed prize for a while, as that exact colour way will never be sold again!

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